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Our Well-Being

As well as playing football we support our members with their Well-Being. Our programme allows players and their families to access Well-Being support.

Through National Lottery, BRIC and NHS funding the club has established Well-Being support using ‘Build a Better Life’. A programme for ‘Everyday people with Everyday problems’ which supports individuals to make behaviour change and Build a Better Life based on Who or Whats important to them. Our champions pictured help members access the support they need.


The club has trained ‘Champions’ and ‘Coaches’. The champions are the access points for the programme and help signpost individuals to the initial assessment which is how the individual’s enrolment onto the  programme starts.

  • Its about helping people with everyday problems such as relationship breakdowns, family issues, money, work etc. 

  • The programme supports ‘Non-Medical’ issues using a behaviour change model. 

  • The club uses the Build a Better Life initial assessment to ensure members with medical or complex mental health issues are signposted to their GP or more specialist services. 

  • Once on the programme individuals receive up to 5 support sessions from a licensed or supervised Build a Better Life Coach. 

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Pause United Player

Confidence boost and the feeling of being lost wasn't there anymore. Once I learnt to control my behaviour things in my life looked more positive and I had a better outlook on the future.

Pause United Player

Employment. I have managed to put myself own situations 

where I would usually feel uncomfortable and now I don't feel uncomfortable anymore. I give new things a try without worrying which is a real positive for me.

Pause United Player

Made me look closer at what is important to me and what was stopping me from achieving this and what I nee to break the loop and achieve my direction goal.

Our Licensed
Well-Being Coaches

Meet our coaches who have successfully competed the Well-Being training course.

The coaches role within the club is to work with individuals and their families to Build a Better Life.

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